Elpy combines these digital marketing services to enhance clients online presence. From updating website design to working behind the scenes on technical SEO to utilizing tools like Google and email providers, Elpy navigates digital service options so you don't have to.

Digital marketing services to fit your business.

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Website SEO

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process, but with the right foundations you will have the best chance for success. Elpy creates or transforms your current SEO to set up a strong infrastructure so that maintaining and updating your online presence is easy, painless, and effective. 

Website Copy

Combining keywords into an interesting paragraph or list can be tough. Elpy discovers the best keywords for your site and weaves them into compelling stories. If the words on your site need a refresh or if you have brand new components to make your audience aware of, Elpy is here to help.

Email Marketing

Email continues to be a wonderful way to engage with audiences, whether they are new to your business or part of a loyal community. Elpy has experience designing appealing newsletters and sending emails that recipients look forward to seeing in their inboxes. Don't know your audience yet? Elpy helps you build an ethically sourced and captivated community.

Google Ads

Do you have a business, sale, or new initiative to promote? Google ads are a paid method of reaching farther than your organic audience. Elpy does the research to create compelling ads, targeted campaigns, and spread word of what your organization has to offer. Added bonus: Elpy takes care of communication with Google Ad support to ensure your ads are compliant and utilizing the latest features.

Web Design

Front end web design is your website's first impression on visitors. Elpy builds attractive landing pages, updates navigational flow, and modernizes themes so that your website is always putting it's best foot forward. Audiences and online visitors easily experience what your site has to offer and will return to your business for results.

Other Services

Alongside these core services, Elpy is familiar with a variety of online tools. These include Google Analytics, Google Search Console, keyword exploration tools, domain hosts, social media, and programming code. Contact us if you would like to learn more about these services and how they might work for your business.